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Waring Pro Food Dehydrator DHR30

Product Review (submitted on December 29, 2013):

Very Easy to Use and very easy to clean. Also very quiet.
I impressed myself. I'm not a chef. Do what the instruction say. You'll be fine. I soaked the beef for 24-hrs. It's up to you. If you had to buy a lb. it would coast you $ 28.00.

I did 3 lbs. and I had one sheet left over. Make sure the meat you buy has no fat on it. The leaner the better Keep it under 1/4" thick. I cooked it for 8-Hrs.

Here are some types of meat you could use. It's all about price. You get what you pay for.

Loin ( Boneless T-bone )
Rib Eye ( Lean as Possible )
Inside or Top Round
Eye of the Round
Bottom Round
Flank Steak ( This is usually too Tough )
Brisket ( This is usually too tough and fatty )

Tell your butcher what you want the meat for. Let them slice it for you.

Take Care

Take Care, You won't need Good Luck because it made me feel like I was a Gourmet Chef. Lol

PS: They say that about 4 LB. of meat makes about 1 LB.