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  1. Best tool of its kind
    A few weeks ago I went looking for a bottle brush to clean a coffee stained quart sized glass thermos bottle. Went to K-Mart and found the typical old-school wire construction one. Found another colorful one at Target made by Munchkin that was specifically made for baby bottles, so it wasn't going to be long enough. Then I checked Kitchen Collection, knowing I'd be better off at a store that might have a better selection of bottle brushes. And there, I found just what I needed, this nice long tool with a very comfortable handle. Filled the bill for getting through the opening and to the bottom of a thermos that hadn't been used for years -- incidentally, it was NOT ME who put this thermos away without rinsing it. That is still a mystery. Thank goodness it was black coffee and not coffee with creamer. The brush's bristles were sturdy enough to give the thermos a good scrubbing with baking soda, but gentler than another brush I normally use for getting off stuck-on food. Was delighted to find just what I needed at Kitchen Collection. Glad I have one very close by.


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1 Item

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