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  1. Product Details Etc
    I gave it a rating based on my initial "1" time use. I unfortunately have a defective machine and am awaiting a response for return from Kitchen Collection customer service. But it did dry my ghost peppers before it became possessed. LOL

    The only thing I don't like about it is the size of the drying compartments. They are small compared to the top shelf. I think they should make expanders for the shelves so larger items can be dried on the other shelves besides the 1 & only top shelf.

    Based on those 2 item's I deducted 1 star. Wouldn't be fair if I took away more, seeing as it worked once & worked well.

    Ok, I just wanted to let people know that you can get the drying guide & Instruction Book (users manual) from
    Waring's web site:

    They also have a 5yr warranty on the motor, so keep your receipt and register your product. If you don't have the receipt for proof of purchase and something goes wrong they will go by the manufacturing date.

    These items seem to be omitted from the Kitchen Collection Product Details Page, but I assure you they do in fact exist!

    The temps according to Waring are:
    Low - 110
    Med - 140
    High - 175

    The best meats for Jerky are the ones lowest in fat.
    Our favorite is Flank steak.

    Tip's: Put meat in the freezer for about an hour before you cut it. This makes for an easier & uniform cut. The recommended size is about 1/4" or less if you like.

    Also remember to pat dry your jerky for easy cleanup. And you don't want drippings clogging or getting into your fan/motor which sits at the bottom. By marinating the meat ahead of time there should be ample seasoning soaked into the meat.

    Everyone Enjoy your new Toy!


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  2. Great Product!
    Let me start by saying that my search for a great dehydrator is over! My wife and I purchased a very old Mr. Coffee brand dehydrator at a garage sale for $3 bucks. We love that one but Mr. Coffee doesn't make them anymore. We have purchased dehydrators at Wal Mart and Academy and neither of them got past 90 degrees. I called the local Kitchen Collection in Conroe this morning and Shaun was very helpful in researching the owner's manual on this Waring dehydrator but couldn't tell me what temp this would achieve. He did inform me that if it wouldn't do what I needed it to do that I could return it. I got it home just as my wife was pulling the first run of jerky off of the Mr. Coffee dehydrator and I fired up the Waring dehydrator. I tested the three temp settings with a meat thermometer. Low is 90 degrees, medium is 130 degrees and high was 158-160 degrees. I called to let Shaun know just in case anyone else has the same question. I have 8 more pounds of jerky on to marinate and am looking forward to putting this machine to work. I have already dried some fruit, parsley and fruit rolls with it. Awesome product, great price and great customer service.


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  3. Totally Outstanding
    Very Easy to Use and very easy to clean. Also very quiet.
    I impressed myself. I'm not a chef. Do what the instruction say. You'll be fine. I soaked the beef for 24-hrs. It's up to you. If you had to buy a lb. it would coast you $ 28.00.

    I did 3 lbs. and I had one sheet left over. Make sure the meat you buy has no fat on it. The leaner the better Keep it under 1/4" thick. I cooked it for 8-Hrs.

    Here are some types of meat you could use. It's all about price. You get what you pay for.

    Loin ( Boneless T-bone )
    Rib Eye ( Lean as Possible )
    Inside or Top Round
    Eye of the Round
    Bottom Round
    Flank Steak ( This is usually too Tough )
    Brisket ( This is usually too tough and fatty )

    Tell your butcher what you want the meat for. Let them slice it for you.

    Take Care

    Take Care, You won't need Good Luck because it made me feel like I was a Gourmet Chef. Lol

    PS: They say that about 4 LB. of meat makes about 1 LB.


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