Joie Egghead Acrylic Miniature Measuring Cup

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  1. Excellent
    EXACTLY what I needed.

    A small measuring cup, graduated in ounces, milliliters, teaspoons and tablespoons. AND it's plastic.

    Why did I need these requirements? Providing the correct dosages for my animals. When a vet says "1cc every four hours" that equates to 1 ml every four hours, etc.

    Why plastic, ever try to hold a dog, cat, calf or colt while holding a measuring device? Eventually you will drop it - even if only from spilling some medicine over the side of the glass and make it slippery, you will drop it. Even if you use a plastic syringe, if the dosage is in ounces or teaspoons, do you want to take the time to convert it to ml? Just pour the dose into the cup, suck it up with the syringe (no needle!) and insert into the side of the animal's mouth and push the plunger.

    Have kids that take liquid vitamins? This is just the ticket.

    With plastic, no breakage. If a larger animal steps on it and does break it - no foot, paw or hoof damage. And the unique design will make sure I don't mix this up with other measuring devices - such as bug killer, weed killer or even household cooking devices.

    Even better, the price was less than half the prices I found for the same item elsewhere (like some jungle area in South America - hint, hint).

    So again, EXACTLY what I needed.


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1 Item

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