Kitchen Collection Cat or Dog Spoon- Assorted colors-07149

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  1. Great mixing spoon
    I recently purchased one of these spoons at a kitchen store while looking for a spoon for cooking oatmeal. This spoon was the exact size I was looking for. It is made of durable, lightweight plastic. The small ridge by the bowl section allows the spoon to rest on the handle of your pan without sliding into the pan during cooking. Because it is plastic, it leaves no dents on the edge of your pan if you tap or bang the spoon to clear off drips after stirring, and does not get nicks along the handle. The plastic is not brittle, but is hard enough to be very durable and last for a long time. The total length is 12"; the bowl is 1 3/4" wide by 3" long and has an inside depth of 1/2". I will be purchasing more of these great spoons.


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1 Item

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