Kitchen Collection 3-Egg Nonstick Egg Poacher 02320

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  1. Finally perfectly poached on a budget!
    Poached eggs have been a passion of mine for quite some time. Achieving perfectly poached eggs at home has been challenging. I've tried poaching directly into boiling water but didn't like the messiness. Poaching in Ziploc bags worked surprisingly well, but was wasteful and required constant attention. I purchased a Farberware egg poaching pan with cute little inserts for each egg. Unfortunately, the inserts were made of plastic and the eggs didn't cook through.
    Then comes this little insert. I figured for $3 I'd give it a try. Wha-la! Perfectly poached, delicious eggs. I use large eggs and they barely fit( some spill over a bit), so medium or small eggs should be used. This would also be great for just the whites.
    I used that Farberware pan previously purchased but removed their useless insert. I coated this new insert with butter(see Pro Tip at bottom of this review) and placed it in the pan along with about 1/4" of water in the bottom. Cooked over low/med heat with the LID ON 4 minutes for 3 large eggs. Whites were cooked through and the yolk was warm but still liquid. Perfection.
    Pro Tip: This item clearly says that it's non stick and no oil is needed. Mine sticks like crazy unless I coat with a bit of butter.


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1 Item

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