Fox Run Cupcake Carousel - Red

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  1. Pockets too deep to be practical
    A normal depth cupcake sets too deep to remove cakes without a fork or skewer messing up any decorative icing you may do. The pockets need a hole in the bottom to push the cupcake up with your finger. Bad oversight. Who tried this out at the factory and said, "Yeah, this works great." NOT! Drilling 24 holes at home is not as simple as you might think. Been there; tried that. Not impossible, but you can easily ruin a few of the pockets in the process. Drill speed should be VERY SLOW if you try and you need either a hole or spade bit. A drill press would make things easier too but most of us don't have one hanging out in the garage or basement. All they had to do was change the mold at the factory and this would be a winner otherwise. We have used a decorative "tulip" paper cup you can grab by the petals and not make a mess but they can be hard to find, so buy a bunch at one time.


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1 Item

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