Primula Variety Flavors Flowering Teas - TMV-2208

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Primula Flowering Teas are made by artisans in China. The flowering teas are comprised of hand sewn AA grade Green Tea with all natural flowers. After a tea flower is placed in hot water, it will slowly sink to the bottom and unfurl into full bloom. Some have multiple flowers which are sewn together that unfurl into a colorful spectacle, adding fragrance and flavor to the tea. The green tea is blended with either jasmine, pomegranate, vanilla or acai berry to make for an aromatic scent. The package includes: 3 Pomegranate, 3 Jasmine, 3 Vanilla and 3 Acai Berry. There is a lot of belief that the antioxidants contained in the green teas are very healthy. It is also believed that there are certain healing benefits for brewing flowers.

  • Primula Flowering Teas are made by artisans in China
  • Package includes 8 different flowers in assorted flavors
  • Each flower will make 15 cups of tea
  • Brew 180 cups of tea!
  • Flavors include:Fresh Jasmine, Vanilla, Pomegranate and Acai Berry
  • Ingredients: Green tea, Lily, Jasmine flower Amaranth, Jasmine, Chrysanthemum, Marigold, Carnation, Vanilla flavor, Pomegranate flavor, Acai Berry flavor
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