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Harold Coffee Tools Filter Separator

Price: $2.99

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  • product information

    Harold Coffee Tools Filter Separator

    Separates and dispenses a single paper coffee filter. No more stuck-together paper coffee filters. No more overflowing coffee brewers Squeeze and pick up filter Improves hand dexterity. Coffee Filter Separator by Tops allows you to separate and dispense a single coffee filter from a stack of paper filters with a simple squeeze of this clever kitchen gadget. Announcing the end of stuck-together coffee filters. No more overflowing brewers due to multiple stuck-together paper filters. Ideal for people with limited hand dexterity. Just place the rubber tips on the center of the top filter and squeeze to pick up a single filter.


    • Picks up a single filter every time.
    • If tips of separator become oily or greasy simply wash with warm soapy water to restore pick-up action.
  • product details

    SKU 01097397
    model no 6813
    product dimensions 1.5 x 4.5 x 6.4 inches
    shipping weight .5 lbs
    brand Harold Import
    color No
    material No
    MFG: product manual No
    MFG: warranty No
    MFG: specs No
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