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Hamilton Beach Nonstick 9 Inch Checkerboard Cake Pan Set

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Quick Overview


Hamilton Beach Nonstick 9 Inch Checkerboard Cake Pan Set

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  • Hamilton Beach Nonstick 9 Inch Checkerboard Cake Pan Set
  • Hamilton Beach Nonstick 9 Inch Checkerboard Cake Pan Set
  • Hamilton Beach Nonstick 9 Inch Checkerboard Cake Pan Set
  • product information

    Checkerboard Cake Pan Set

    A layered cake is easy to put together. All you have to do is stack cakes on top of one another. That is a simple way to bring together different flavors and colors of cake. There is, however, a better way! Imagine slicing into a three layered cake and seeing a perfect pattern of vanilla, chocolate and red velvet cakes interwoven beautifully in a precise checkerboard pattern! It is possible with the Hamilton Beach Nonstick 9 Inch Checkerboard Cake Pan Set!

    Your party guests will be amazed as they see the way the flavors and colors meld together in a seamless checkerboard masterpiece! The combination possibilities are endless and every cake can be a new cake you have never tried before as you are only limited by your own creativity!

    So be prepared to field questions from your guests about how you perfectly juxtaposed all of those flavors and colors in your checkerboard cake design. You can come up with an awesome story about how you had to go on a long journey and hike to the top of the tallest, snowiest mountain in the world to speak with the wisest old man in the world so you could learn the ways of the art of cake checkerboarding - OR - You can show them your Hamilton Beach Nonstick 9 Inch Checkerboard Cake Pan Set. Either way, you'll be enjoying great cake. 


    • Durable bakeware for everyday use!
    • Includes three 9-inch round nonstick cake pans and one plastic divider ring (removed after pouring in cake batter)
    • Steel construction means even baking and superior heat conduction
    • Oven safe to 450 degrees F.
    • Easy clean-up nonstick surface
    • Dishwasher safe

    How Does It Work?

    Most checkerboard cake designs feature 3 layers of cake, each with different flavors or colors in different positions. Fill the inner ring first and work your way out from there. After filling, remove the insert before baking. Repeat for each layer. 

    Check 1Check2check3


    After filling your pans, your 3 cakes should look like this before placing them in your preheated oven.



    Bake at time and temperature according to the cake recipe and remove from oven to allow cakes to cool.



    After the cakes have had time to cool, level off the top of each cake with a knife or a cake leveler to create a flat surface for easy stacking. 



    As you stack your cakes, make sure to put a layer of icing in between each stack. Not only is it delicious but also keeps the cake layers together.



    Finally, after stacking all of the layers together, apply icing to the top layer and all the way around the sides of your cake.



    Last step: Enjoy!


  • product details

    SKU 00243365
    model no 04453
    product dimensions 10 x 10 x 2.2 inches
    shipping weight 2 lbs
    brand Hamilton Beach
    color No
    material non-stick
    MFG: product manual No
    MFG: warranty No
    MFG: specs No
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